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Hubble Bubble

The drummer from Hubble Bubble turned out to make music under the moniker Plastic Bertrand.  This song is perfect and is over before you have time to think that it isn’t.


Download: Hubble Bubble – New Promotion.mp3

Fan Death

Anxiously awaiting the 12″ I ordered from Phantasy Sound to arrive in the post.  Named after an infamous Korean urban legend that blames conspicuous deaths on leaving electric fans on overnight, the mysterious London duo make a great noise.  A darker, dramatic kind of disco…


Download: Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil.mp3

Go For Gold



A 1981 single from Leeds punk-outfit, Girls At Our Best.  Although their singles were mainstays of the indie charts and the band eventually earned a #60 spot on the Pop Album Charts, splitting up shortly before releasing their first album prevented wider recognition.

Download: Girls At Our Best – Go For Gold.mp3

“Want To Be A Great Dark Man”


Gina X – No G.D.M

The Horrors

The Horrors playing tonight at the Fonda with The Kills.

La Discoteca

la_discoteca_mixAcademian Juan Mendez shares a mix of post-punk and mutant disco he recorded for Dublab late last year.  He’ll also be playing records at our inaugural summer weekly, Party Weirdo.  It’s happening at Club 149 around the corner this Thursday May 14!

J Mendez – La Discoteca.mp3 (Setlist after the jump)

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We Can Be Heroes


David Bowie – Helden (German Version of Heroes)

“I Don’t Need Enemies, I Don’t Have the Time!”


Holy Shit – I Don’t Need Enemies.mp3

“This Is The Future That You’re Seeing!” – Experimental Products

An optimistic ode to “modern living in the 80′s” by Experimental Products, a Delaware band formed in 1982. This particular track features classic lyrics forecasting “science fiction movies coming true, tv pictures with a telephone.” This cut comes off of their 1982 LP from Short Circuit Records.

Experimental Products – Modern Living.mp3

“The Lights Just Flash By!” – Lori & The Chameleons

This track is absolutely lovely. Some disco-infiltration into the the coldwave scene from Liverpool. Lori & The Chameleons were around from 1978 until 1980. The group consisted of a future all star cast featuring local art-student lead singer Lori Lartey and future members of KLF, The Teardrop Explodes and Big In Japan.


Lori & The Chameleons – Touch.mp3