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Worn & loved the world over, your adventure starts here


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Fine staples of sought after apparel

The Academy Denim & Tailoring is an apparel company specializing in custom activewear. We are renowned for locally-made, quality garments.


It is a destination for customers who are mindful of tailored-fit clothing and those concerned with where and how their clothes are made.

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"As a brick-and-mortar retail shop, we feel the key is welcoming our customers as if they are walking into our home, sharing what we're working on and simply taking a note of any interests for that day. It really is a long-term relationship approach."

"I wear academy because their designs stylishly soak up daily riding abuse." 

-Nate Baird

Transportation Planner

Mountain View, CA

"my favorite work pants are also my favorite bouldering pants."

-Tim Ngo

 Full Stack Developer

San Francisco, CA

Designed and

Made in California 

By Third Generation


Applied Knowledge from Garment Repair,  Restoration, & Tailoring

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