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About Us 

The Academy Denim & Tailoring is an apparel company specializing in custom activewear.


We are renowned for

locally-made, quality garments. It has become a destination for customers who are mindful of tailored-fit clothing and those concerned with where and how their clothes are made.

Locally Made

Participating in Phnom Penh's inaugural 2011 Fashion Week was a defining moment for us. While it gave us the opportunity to introduce our custom denim, pants and button-ups, we also witnessed human rights issues with our own eyes.


Combined with meeting our grandmother, a go-to apparel maker in Battambong, Cambodia, known for her intricate work on traditional casual pieces, the trip reaffirmed our core business values. Values that she passed down to my mom, who also sews. This deep, direct connection explains our empathy towards apparel makers, shaping The Academy.

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